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MASSIVE, MASSIVE, Price Reduction!!

In the spirit of believing that 'literacy for all' is an entitlement, Debbie has slashed the price of her Phonics International Programme from £99.00 to only £20.00 (plus VAT where applicable) - making it more affordable wherever in the world you may be and whatever your circumstances! Read on for more information....

Please also check out our online training course - which we believe to be the best available at any price - now reduced from £147.00 to an unbelievably low price of only £20.00 (plus VAT where applicable)...!!

Coronavirus 'lockdown' FREE resources - from ages 3+ to adult as required

During school closures we are providing FREE online educational resources to help children learn at home. Our extensive range of free eBooks and other material may be helpful to support teachers who are working direct with their school communities and/or helpful to parents and carers who are interested in content-rich resources for learning (or revision of) phonics for reading, spelling and handwriting. Click HERE

FREE recorded webinar packed full of information about phonics provision - click HERE

Written by leading synthetic phonics expert, Debbie Hepplewhite

Phonics International (PI) is a highly-organised, systematic and yet flexible online synthetic phonics programme (program). Designed for all ages and needs and suitable for anyone who wants to learn to read and spell. Furthermore, PI is perfect for schools, tutoring and homeschooling. Teachers, teaching assistants, tutors, learners and learners' parents will all find the resources very supportive and effective. Student-teachers and teacher-trainers will also find great benefit from using our phonics programme for training purposes.

Debbie's approach is the 'Two-pronged systematic and incidental phonics teaching and learning'[Click HERE]. This is supported by the ever-present overview Alphabetic Code Chart to show the spelling system in a 'tangible' format. Debbie has designed many versions of free printable Alphabetic Code Charts [Click HERE] and we also provide ready-made mini (tabletop) and giant (classroom display) versions if required [Click HERE].

PI resources are exciting, colourful, informative and enjoyable for teachers and learners to use. The resources are based on research and leading-edge practice. This is not a ‘pink and fluffy’ phonics programme! PI has a massive bank of unique and printable ‘rolling programme’ teaching and learning resources.

These resources can be printed out to hard copy, viewed online by individuals or projected onto white screens for group or classroom work.

So how much does this all cost? Well, as of January 2019, we have slashed the price from £99 to only £20 for a 12 Month Licence (plus VAT where applicable). We've also scrapped out 2-tier pricing (schools/parents) so all levels of access are exactly the same - £20 for 12 months! We still give free access to our 'Early Years Starter Package' as part of your licence. Seems like a 'no-brainer' to us!

How to set up and use your core and essential Phonics International resources:

For those who want to dive straight into the 'nuts and bolts' of how to set up and use the Phonics International programme and resources for transparent evaluation, click the 'Big Pink Button' below!

The BIG Pink Button!

For those who would like to read more about the rationale and structure of the Phonics International programme, we provide a number of information and guidance resources which can be accessed from our 'About' page.

Further, we are providing the stand-alone Module (13) featuring the Phonics International programme's resources and guidance from our self-study 'Phonics Training Online' course for information and transparent review.

Click HERE for the 'Alice' example mentioned in the above video.

Development of hard copy resources published as 'No Nonsense Phonics Skills':

In 2017, Raintree Ltd published some of Debbie's core Phonics International resources which she purpose-designed as a 'pick-up-and-go' series of 9 hard copy Pupil Books and 9 parallel Teacher Books [plus in the 'No Nonsense Phonics Skills Starter Kit' there is a USB stick with additional resources such as class visual aids, entry assessment material and further guidance].

This material is being well-received for its immediate effectiveness and ease of use by teachers, teaching assistants and pupils alike. It is suitable for targeted support, intervention for special needs, and mainstream provision - for infants and primary-aged children. See the Year One Phonics Screening Check results on our flyer from an infant school in Cumbria, England, click HERE.

The rationale for programme and resource design shown on the video below is also relevant to the Phonics International programme - see in particular the classroom practice at 5+ minutes which shows a Year One class trialling some of Debbie's resources.

For detailed information about the 'No Nonsense Phonics Skills' series to enable transparent review, plus free training PowerPoints, click HERE.

Example of most of 'No Nonsense Phonics Skills' Teacher Book 2 which includes Pupil Book 2 - the answers and further guidance: Click HERE