CV Lockdown Resources

All of the following resources are FREE to download:

Series of 8 eBooks ‘Alphabetic Code and Phonics Skills’ plus additional supporting resources – from ages 4+ to 11

These eBooks introduce 117 letters and letter groups which are code for all the smallest sounds of speech (the letter/s-sound correspondences of the English alphabetic code). They also introduce additional correspondences (such as ‘tt’ and ‘dd’) and common words with unusual spellings (such as ‘eir’ in ‘their’ and ‘eo’ in ‘people’) throughout the 200+ cumulative sentences and texts.

‘Phonics and Talk Time’ books and the ‘Teeny Reading Seeds’ resources for ages 3 to 5

These resources are suitable for use in the home, and in nurseries and pre-schools, before using a full systematic synthetic phonics programme. They provide experience and exposure to alphabet letters linked to sounds and show how we can use reading, spelling and writing to communicate.

The Phonics International online programme: Unit 1 (of 12 units) for ages 4+ to 5

Unit 1 provides all the resources (including decodable sentences and texts) to deliver teaching and learning of the following letter/sound correspondences:
s    a    t    i    p    n    c    k    -ck    e    h    r

Alphabetic Code Charts for all ages as required

This site provides a wide range of printable alphabetic code charts suitable for many users and uses.

Alphabet and Handwriting Resources – print and fully joined from ages 4+ to adult as required

This site provides posters and tabletop alphabet resources for print and joined handwriting plus a video demonstrating fully joined handwriting tuition.

Pre-recorded Webinar and Course Notes of Debbie’s approach to the teaching of reading, spelling and handwriting

 Click HERE for Course Notes