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TEDx talk: The lost art of letter writing

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 3:01 pm
by debbie
Here is some important food for thought:

The lost art of letter writing

by Elspeth Penny ... er-writing

When did YOU last write to someone via a handwritten letter?

I have had four wonderful children - but one of them died in a car crash on the eve of her 20th birthday.

Recently I braved a re-look into a box of all-things-sentimental and found some letters that she had written when 8 and when 13 to grandparents (that had been thoughtfully given to me when she died).

Oh boy - talk about the importance of handwritten letters - and what memories they evoked...

All you teachers out there, be aware of how much you might be compromising your own children's family life because you're so busy being made to plan and prepare for other people's children.

My advice in hindsight?

Keep your weekends and your holidays at least for your own families! :?