Printing Problems in Adobe Reader

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Printing Problems in Adobe Reader

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**Note re printing from Adobe Reader*
Depending on the make/model of your printer, you may experience 'cropping' of some page content at one or more of the borders. We recommend that you print a single test page from any strand within a module BEFORE you print all pages within that strand. If the result is different from what you see on screen, i.e., left or right side is missing text or gridlines, this simple fix will ensure that 'cropping' does not occur :D

From within Adobe Reader, go to FILE, PRINT then click the drop-down menu for 'Page Scaling'. Select 'Fit to Printable Area'.

It is important to ensure that cropping does not occur especially in those documents which contain grids (where users are required to cut along printed lines), e.g., in the 'Letters, Sounds and Pictures Matching Game'.
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