I now have a 'crowdcast' video platform for webinars

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I now have a 'crowdcast' video platform for webinars

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The pandemic situation has led to increasing use of internet platforms and the provision of live webinars and recorded webinars.

David has investigated various platforms and we're currently using the 'crowdcast' platform which automatically records webinars and makes them available following the live presentation as a recording.

People can also 'follow' via this platform.

The very first video live, and now provided as a recording, is one I presented with Carl Pattison and Abigail Steel entitled, 'Phonics Poor Practice and Misconceptions'. It proved to be very popular which actually surprised me. When I said via Twitter that I was thinking of providing a webinar with that theme, there were over a thousand likes in a couple of days!

Here is a link if anyone is interested:

Debbie Hepplewhite
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