'Cursive writing in reception - Is it a good idea?'

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'Cursive writing in reception - Is it a good idea?'

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The very popular Alistair Bryce-Clegg of abcdoes.com brings up the topic of whether cursive writing in Reception (4 to 5 year olds) is a good idea - or not:

https://abcdoes.com/abc-does-a-blog/201 ... good-idea/
I am regularly get emails from Reception practitioners saying that they have been told they have to teach cursive writing to their children, even though it is against their better judgement. They usually ask two questions.

1) Would I recommend it?


2) How do you teach it?

My my answers are usually : ‘I wouldn’t’ and ‘don’t’.

Or, ask the person who has told you you have to do it. They must have a plan!

I appreciate none of the above are actually very helpful, but fundamentally I don’t think that it is developmentally appropriate for Reception children to be cursive writing.

Most (not all ) of the teachers that I have worked with who do cursive writing with Reception tell me they don’t think it is appropriate either and that it actually slows down writing progress and kills enjoyment. It also seems to somehow increase adults alcohol consumption!

But, as I know lots of the readers of this blog teach cursive writing in Reception I thought you could share your thoughts on it with each other via the comments at the bottom of the post. After all, you are people who are actually doing it every day.
Debbie Hepplewhite
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