Phonics International in Nigeria

Follow heartwarming descriptions of school-based projects in Africa and India where we are exploring the use of the Phonics International programme - particularly the Early Years Starter Package and the 'Series of 8 eBooks' in paper format - alongside a central 'giant' Alphabetic Code Chart. Where there is no internet and very few resources, how can children still get a first class education in reading, spelling and handwriting instruction? The 'Series of 8 eBooks' are purpose-designed as both teaching and learning 'pick-up-and-go' books - shared equally between teachers and learners.
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Phonics International in Nigeria

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Here is another wonderful message received in response to announcing our intervention site:

Dear Debbie

It is a pleasure to be in touch with you. I have been a fan of your program for years and have successfully implemented your program in my school over the years.

Your program has improved my school a great deal , attracted different students, head of schools to the school. Through your program we were able to solve so many reading disabilities and had also been successful in addressing the needs of the special needs students. It is a wonderful program.

David had been supportive all these years by offering supports and resources when need be. I contacted Caroline in 2012 to attend your face to face training in Newbury but could not make it due to distance from London where I was staying but she promised that the online phonics training would be available in 2015. So when it was I quickly enrolled.

Currently I had been in touch with Kelly through David's support to use your newly developed No Nonsense Phonics Skills and had purchased them as well for the school.

We have so many reading problems in young students in Nigeria because their teachers are not trained in the right approach.Your approach is wonderful and I think it will make a difference in Nigeria.

If there is a center for this where constant training and seminars will be ongoing for teachers and school heads, it will be go a long way in improving the standard of education in Nigeria. Most people are not so much aware of online training in Nigeria as compared to the UK.

I need to know your thoughts and hope to work with you to make the students in Nigeria great readers!

Awaiting your response
Sadly, we are not in a position to set up a Phonics International centre in Nigeria, but we have made some suggestions for spreading good practice via the work in the school by inviting visitors and providing follow-on training and advice. Working collaboratively with other local schools would be a wonderful development if possible. We would also welcome photos, examples of children's work and improvements, video footage and so on, which we could showcase via the internet.
Debbie Hepplewhite
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