Robert Peal: The ten top books for teachers

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Robert Peal: The ten top books for teachers

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This blog posting is being promoted as of interest by Nick Gibb, Minister of State for School Standards (England) November 2016: ... -bookshelf
The Knowledge-based Bookshelf

By Robert Peal.

Parents and Teachers for Excellence are campaigning for more schools to adopt a ‘knowledge-based approach to learning’. But what does this really mean? Well, a number of recently published books can help answer this question.

These books tend to fall into one of two categories: culturalist and cognitivist. Culturalist books make an argument for knowledge on the basis of what is often termed ‘core knowledge’ or ‘cultural literacy’. This encompasses key events, concepts, ideas, people, places and – yes – facts, which once learnt allow pupils to lead a rich intellectual life and engage in human society’s great conversations.

Cognitivist books take a more scientific approach. Influenced by recent work in the field of cognitive psychology, they argue that complex thought can only be achieved once a requisite amount of information has been stored in one’s long-term memory. Such books have a practical bent, offering teachers clear strategies for improving pupils’ memory of subject content, and the complexity of their thinking.

Both culturalist and cognitivist arguments play a vital role in this debate. Below are listed ten books that will help you find out more.
Debbie Hepplewhite
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