Class packs of 30 handwriting booklets now available

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Class packs of 30 handwriting booklets now available

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Slowly, but surely, we continue to develop our hard copy resources available to purchase via our online 'shop' to support teachers and learners in literacy basic skills.

We now have class packs of 30 12-page booklets (12 sides of A4 exercises) to practise the joined handwriting style that I've developed for first-time teaching and remediating handwriting.

Don't forget that you can access my guidance (the patter) in free printed booklets and via a video clip at . You can also find lots of free Alphabet and other resources there for print and joined handwriting.

So, you don't need any special resources to teach the handwriting - just paper with lines or an exercise book with lines - and lots of lovely sharp pencils!

Some teachers, however, would prefer to use ready-made handwriting booklets to get their pupils well and truly 'launched' with their joined handwriting.

Please remember that I am suggesting that the teaching of joined handwriting is best done very quickly - and not dragged out over a number of months or even years - there is no need for that.

Just know what to do, perfect how to write in the school handwriting style yourself, and get on with it! :wink:
Debbie Hepplewhite
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