Video and further resources: Micromanaging Matched Reading Books - considerations

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Video and further resources: Micromanaging Matched Reading Books - considerations

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Abigail Steel (author of 'Rocket Phonics' by Rising Stars) and I discuss worries over too much micromanagement of reading books according to the design of 'other' SSP programmes and training - not ours!

This will provide lots of food for thought about the allocation of reading books for children's reading practice - which may be different according to the main teaching and learning intentions, the capability of the individual children - and professional understanding about how best to use books and support children's reading in different contexts (school compared to home):

We've added some super documents on this topic of selecting reading material at the top of this list of 'FREE CPD RESOURCES'. I suggest this is a very important topic because as much as it is important to provide 'cumulative, decodable, reading material' for beginners to apply the alphabetic code they know, teachers must not feel restricted with their use of good literature of all descriptions - used appropriately:

Please take a good look at the range of these resources.
Debbie Hepplewhite
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