No Nonsense Phonics Skills video listed in the 'Top 3'

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No Nonsense Phonics Skills video listed in the 'Top 3'

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I feel very honoured to find a recommendation via Twitter circulating, link below.

I often consider that there isn't enough about actual phonics programmes and provision featured via Twitter. I may be wrong but there tends to be a predominance on academics and their literature (which is great) - but whilst we do need research-to-practice, if any more research is indeed needed, it should surely be programmes-to-research.

Research shows a great deal and has done for decades but if more is thought to be required, a transparent look at specific phonics programmes themselves should surely be uppermost on the radar of researchers - their content, their accompanying guidance, and the actual delivery. Every aspect of a programme and provision counts and makes a difference.

What is so noticeable, and unusual, about the 'Top 3' recommendations of this particular tweeter is the inclusion of a video about provision - and not just academic blogs or articles with research references.
Debbie Hepplewhite
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