David Didau, Michael Rosen, Jacqui Moller-Butcher on Reading

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David Didau, Michael Rosen, Jacqui Moller-Butcher on Reading

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Jacqui Moller-Butcher always does such a great job of explaining the issues around phonics decoding versus multi-cueing - where the 'multi-cueing' amounts to guessing words through various cues.

David Didau's thread about the 'love of reading' has developed into yet another deep discussion about reading instruction.

Michael Rosen steps in, as he likes to do, to have a go about Ruth Miskin promoting the use of 'real books' via her training website.

Michael can't debate publicly with Ruth in that she does not do twitter and blogs, whereas I do - so Michael brings me into his observations about Ruth's work.

Maggie Downie expresses what a number of people notice, that no matter how hard SSP proponents try to explain that children are not deprived of any kind of book whilst being taught explicitly with 'systematic synthetic phonics', these explanations seem to fall on 'deaf ears'. I can vouch for that!

Ultimately I step in with a comment because I feel that too often Michael Rosen seems to want to attribute things 'I've said' that I haven't said. I don't think he does this deliberately, and he adds a polite response to my reader's comment to that effect.

But, mainly I'm blown away by Jacqui Moller-Butcher's polite and persistent and detailed explanations. She often writes what I think to write (but may not have - or I like the way she provides practical examples in her writing) and I find her messages very helpful and supportive.

Anyway, for anyone interested in this ongoing debate about reading instruction methodology - this might be an interesting post along with its readers' comments:

http://www.learningspy.co.uk/reading/te ... ng-part-2/
Debbie Hepplewhite
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