Handwriting with Dr Angela Webb

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Handwriting with Dr Angela Webb

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It's great to see a pro-handwriting blog posting by Dr Angela Webb:

https://literacyliaisons.wordpress.com/ ... comment-10
Last week, our Teaching Alliance welcomed Angela to spend a day busting some myths about the teaching of handwriting. In this first post on the subject, I have tried to highlight some of the key messages I took from the day.

Why bother with handwriting?

Handwriting is the Cinderella of literacy; the research pool is small, but growing and recently there has been an explosion in interest. Handwriting is not a dying art; it supports and enhances cognitive development of children. Furthermore, children spend about 60% of each day in pen and pencil activities. Handwriting is the medium through which we test children and judge their ability (Santangelo and Graham, 2015, Graham et al, 2011). Children care about handwriting. This means we should care too.
Debbie Hepplewhite
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