Browser Issues

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Browser Issues

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One or two users have reported problems/error messages when trying to access certain areas of the site. Specifically they were unable to open the Programme Overview and Guidance PDF.

It was also noted that the top menu bar was a deep red colour - totally out of keeping with the rest of our carefully chosen colour scheme!

These errors, typically, suggest problems with your browser. The site was built and optimised to work best with Microsoft Internet Explorer and the common feature of the users reporting these problems is that they were using Mozilla Firefox.

So, if you are a Firefox user, I'm afraid you may encounter some problems with opening/downloading files, or possibly some display irregularities. The only sure way to resolve these problems is to use Microsoft Internet Explorer, or perhaps some other browser. We will be testing as many of the commercial/free browsers as we can in coming weeks, but one that we found to work very well was the Avant Browser.

The Avant Browser ( is free to download and is extremely quick and has most, if not all, of the features you will find in Firefox.

If user finds any other browsers which a) they have difficulties with, or b) they find particularly good, perhaps you could post on our technical forum for the benefit of other users.