Ready-made resources for No Nonsense Phonics and PI

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Ready-made resources for No Nonsense Phonics and PI

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Our company, Phonics International Ltd, has now increased its 'ready made' hard copy range of resources for busy teachers who prefer some ready-made resources so they don't have to print and laminate resources that we already provide as printable pdfs.

This new range, for example, includes:

Flash Cards
Mini Code Cards
Sounds Mats
Alphabet Tabletop Cards
Cumulative, decodable reading books

See here for our shop and full information and guidance for these resources - they're certainly being well-received:

Some of these resources include printable pdf information, guidance/suggestions such as: ... ieze-2.pdf ... chards.pdf ... -cards.pdf ... s-Mats.pdf ... -books.pdf
Debbie Hepplewhite
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