Great info about handwriting - incl success with my style!

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Great info about handwriting - incl success with my style!

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I'm having quite a good morning of discovering links to my work. This is so gratifying because it is clear that I spend a lot of time developing resources and guidance to help teachers, learners and their parents, so finding evidence or receiving feedback of people benefiting from my work is heartwarming for me.

I am passionate about the teaching of handwriting - how we can make a better job of it in the main - but it's just a case of knowing techniques and approaches to actually 'make the difference':
Handwriting links

I think it’s worth understanding the history of handwriting, and the study of different ways of writing our alphabet (‘palaeography’) when thinking about teaching children to write.

I’ll add bits and pieces here whenever I find them – online tutorials, interesting images, that sort of thing – partly because I think it’s lovely stuff, but also to help broaden/deepen the debate about how handwriting is taught in English schools.
https://miscellaneouswitterings.wordpre ... ing-links/
For those struggling with a handwriting model which has an entry stroke, I found Debbie Hepplewhite’s resources very useful – the entry strokes are straighter and simpler than other entry-stroke models, which means that there’s a clearer distinction between the entry strokes and the letters themselves, and the strokes are limited to a small number of variations, which makes it easy for learners to understand. Our left-hander, especially, found the straighter strokes very helpful as a way in to the entry-stroke form of school cursive. Until I found this video, and we watched it together, he was avoiding using his ‘literacy handwriting’ whenever possible, but he’s now much happier with it.
Do read the whole post, link above, it's very interesting!


And here's the link to my handwriting site with free video guidance, patter, Alphabet and handwriting resources!
Debbie Hepplewhite
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